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Megan Fox I Quot M An Insecure Transvestite

The chick that been called the sexiest woman on the planet by. Almost everyone, bashed the hell out of herself on the red carpet before the Globes yesterday - and among the self-inflicted crushing ego, a straight-faced Megan blame the whole thing to be terribly insecure. Right?. While the statement probably explains the whole Brian Austin Green relationship, the fact that even bragged about her ridiculously wasteline slim body and a built a system of impressive workout probably the self-deprecation thing is just a load of crap. Megan Fox thinks she looks like Alan Alda - the version of a transvestite frickin Alan Alda.
14.5.09 09:14


Quot Ellen Quot Dad Steven Gilborn Dies At 72

Steven Gilborn notoriously busy actor, who appeared in scores of films and television programs, most notably as Ellen DeGenere father on his mid-1990 sitcom, lost his battle with cancer Jan. 2, his family said the New York Times. He was 72..
14.5.09 09:13

Jackie Chan And Michelle Yeoh Soar In Supercop 2 Disc Ultimate Edition

. Martial Arts Jackie Chan icons) and Michelle Yeoh (The Mummy) are by far their peak in this free, action-packed adventure. Once-in-a-life one-two punch, as the team that risk-taking and a policeman strait-laced but beautiful federal agent, working together in taking down a drug ring. Risking life and limb, Yeoh and Chan perform their incredible feats, dangling from a helicopter soaring, jumping on cars careening, and delivering low-beat on the roof of a speeding train. Fast, innovative and fun, Supercop) takes two legends at best, in a film that will never be equal (LoveHKFilm. Com).
14.5.09 09:13

Bizzy Bone Beaten And Robbed By Bow Wow At Universal Hilton

This is the only way out on so many levels. 160. Marlo Bow Wow Jones, 30, was driving Saturday morning, when the officers identified as the vehicle used in a robbery during the previous week. A city anti-gang subcontracting worker nicknamed Bow Wow Friday was arrested after an incident in which a January 5th Bone Thugs-N-Harmony member was robbed and beaten in Universal City. Bow Wow were arrested around 8:50 and taken into custody, where the center is held for a bail $ 1. 396.00.
14.5.09 09:13

Bush Backs Israel Says Iran Dangerous

But he also called for a cease-fire that provides for the disarmament of militants. . He did not identify these countries, but was clearly referring to Iran, said that it is still dangerous. President George W Bush Monday renewed its support for Israel military operations in Gaza, saying it has the right to defend its citizens from missile attacks by Hamas. In his final press conference before leaving the office next week, said Bush Israel should do its utmost to avoid civilian casualties, but again to blame for the violence squarely on Hama countries with the supply of weapons.
14.5.09 09:13

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